Safety Offices

Safety offices are utilized to host safety meetings and house the onsite safety coordinator. This space provides an area to discuss safety topics/training and the operational plan of execution for a large number of workers, while being protected from the elements. 

These units are typically structured according to the needs of the client, often holding a meeting area with equipment for watching safety videos or for use as office space and living quarters for safety coordinators.  
  • Features space to host safety meetings
  • Colorado Division of Housing compliant (Also known as “Colorado Blue Tagged")
  • Escape doors and windows
  • Outside lighting
Length 60'
Width 13'
Height 11'-4"
Product Description Safety offices are utilized to host safety meetings and house the onsite safety coordinator. 
Power Requirements 220 volt single phase with 200 amp main panel
Fire & Gas 110v with battery backup smoke detectors
Fire extinguishers
Certifications (IBC 2009) 
(IMC 2009)
(IFGC 2009)
(UPC 2009)
(NEC 2001)
Colorado Division of Housing (Colorado Blue Tagged)