Sleeper Modules

The fiberglass stackable sleepers are designed with features to keep workers more comfortable and increase work site productivity. Each bed is provided a bunk drawer and a locker.
  • Enhanced wet area - industry leading shower stall size - 36”x 36”
  • Equipped with reading lights and electrical outlets with optional fire retardant privacy curtains.
  • Control costs – fiberglass modules is a cost friendly alternative in situations where the project is on a non-classed facility.
  • Lightweight – fiberglass construction allows these modules to be utilized where heavier steel modules cannot.
  • Flexible layouts – modify standard floor plans to your specific requirements.
  • Plug and play porches for easy and quick installation.
  • Winch truck ready – alternative loading, transportation, and installation method in cases where a crane is unavailable.
Length 36'
Width 11'
Height 11'
Weight 21,000 lbs.
Power Requirements 3 Ph + E
60 amp
Fire & Gas Fire detection
Gas detection (optional)
Occupancy Options Up to 12